Hydrology (WGH)

In order to coordinate efforts on the implementation of various activities under the Hydrological Component with the aim to better support the socio-economic development process in the Typhoon Committee Area and to help accomplish the hydrological related goals and objectives in the Strategic Plan, the Typhoon Committee has established the Working Group on Hydrology (WGH) with the following Terms of Reference and operational modalities.

Terms of Reference

The WGH will promote cooperation among the Members in the implementation of activities under the Hydrological Component of the Committee’s Strategic Plan with the aim to support the socio-economic development process and enhance cooperation among the Members in all three components.  Towards this end, the WGH is expected to advise and assist the Committee in:

  • Identifying priority issues and areas of cooperation in the Hydrological Component;
  • Facilitating the exchange of experiences and knowledge on latest developments and techniques related to the above issues and areas;
  • Undertaking priority activities and programmes of the Committee aiming at strengthening capacity of the Members in hydrology and water resources;
  • Mobilizing resources to carry out priority activities of the Committee related to the Hydrological Component;
  • Reporting overall progress in the implementation of the hydrological component of the Strategic Plan; and
  • Recommending to the Committee priority areas, programmes and activities for cooperation in research by related experts of the Members.



The WGH will consist of the following members:

  • The Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson(s);
  • or, Co-Chairperson(s);
  • Focal point of Hydrological Component from each Member.

Terms of Service

The Chairpersons and Vice-Chairpersons of the WGH shall be appointed for a term of service of two years and shall be eligible for re-appointment.

Operation modalities

In view of the limited financial resources of the TC Trust Fund, the WGH is expected to communicate through email and other means which require no financial resources from the Trust Fund. 

Reporting requirements

The Chairperson of the WGH is required to submit an annual report on hydrological activities to implement Strategic Plan hydrology priority goals through the TCS to the TC Chairperson and the TC Members for their consideration under the framework of the Committee.  This report will include recommendations related to priority activities to be undertaken in the coming years.