Origin and Development of TC Integrated Workshops

Based on a recommendation of the Working Group on Hydrology, the TC at its 38th Annual Session, which was held in Hanoi, Viet Nam, in November 2005, recommended conducting a workshop in 2006, involving the three components. As consequence of this recommendation, the Typhoon Committee conducted a workshop in Macao, China, in 2006,joining for the first time the representatives of the three components of TC (Meteorology, Hydrology and Disaster Risk Reduction – DRR) with the main goal ofupgrading the regional cooperation through the planning and implementation of cross-cutting activities. 


Following the success of the first joint workshop, the Committee adopted the practice of organizing technical meetings annually, which came to be known as Integrated Workshops, which were assigned on the basis of the main issues to be addressed and had the below titles since 2006 (up to 2012).

The scope of the IWS was expanded and today constitute an event of great importance, since the participants of three working groups (WGM, WGH and WGDRR), together with the Advisory Working Group, discuss the progress of their Annual Operating Plan (AOP), cross-cutting issues, as well as the strategic plan, budget allocation and governance of the Committee.


Currently it is the unanimous opinion of the Members of the TC that the realization of IWSs has demonstrably not only contributed to the consolidation of cooperation amongMembers, but also have facilitated the work in the subsequent annual sessions of the TC.

Integrated Workshop
1st Integrated Workshop

“Integrating Activities of the Hydrology, Meteorology and DRR components of the Typhoon Committee into the Related International Frameworks for Disaster Risk Management for Better Impacts and Visibility”
•  Macao, China, 4-9 September 2006

2nd Integrated Workshop

“Social-Economic Impacts of Extreme Typhoon-Related Events”
• Bangkok, Thailand, 10-14 September 2007

3rd Integrated Workshop

“Coping with Climate Change in TC Area”
• Beijing, China, 22-26 September 2008

4th Integrated Workshop

“Building Sustainability and Resilience in High Risk Areas of the Typhoon Committee: Assessment and Action”
• Cebu, Philippines, 14-18 September 2009

5th Integrated Workshop

“Urban Flood Risk Management in a Changing Climate:Sustainable and Adaptation Challenges”
• Macao, China, 06-10 September 2010

6th Integrated Workshop

“Damage Assessment Methodology and Pre-Assessment of Typhoon Landfall Impact”
• NhaTrang, Viet Nam, 7-11 November 2011

7th Integrated Workshop

“Effective Warning”
• Nanjing, China, 26-30 November 2012

8th Integrated Workshop/2nd TRCG Forum

“Forecasting, Warning and DRR Strategies in the Mitigation of Tropical Cyclone Impact in a Multi-hazard Environment”
• Macau, China, 02-06 December 2013

9th Integrated Workshop

“Synergized, Integrated, Collaborative Standard Operating Procedures Strategies to Improve Early Warning System for Coastal Multi-hazards”
• UNCC, Bangkok, Thailand, 20-24 October 2014

10th Integrated Workshop

“Innovative Strategy to Improve the Quality of Life for Members’ Population through Mitigating Typhoon-related Impacts”
• Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 26-29 October 2015

11th Integrated Workshop

“Improving Typhoon impact-based for Forecasting and Warning”
• Cebu, Philippines, 24-28 October 2016

12th Integrated Workshop

“Tropical cyclone related forecast, warning and DRR in the era of big data and social media: challenges and opportunities”
• Jeju, Republic of Korea, 30 October-03 November 2017

13th Integrated Workshop

“Technological innovation for typhoon related forecasting and disaster risk reduction”
• Chiang Mai, Thailand, 05-09 November 2018

14th Integrated Workshop

“The Smart Service for Typhoon related Disaster Risk Reduction”
• Guam, USA, 04-07 November 2019

15th Integrated Workshop

“Innovative Strategies and Measures for Typhoon-related Disaster Risk Reduction under Public Emergencies”
• Video Conference, Vietnam, 01-02 December 2020

16th Integrated Workshop

“Strengthening Impact-based Forecasting for Improving the Capacity of Typhoon-related Disaster Risk Reduction”
• Video Conference, UN ESCAP, 02-03 December 2021

17th Integrated Workshop

“Tropical Cyclone Planning, Forecasting and Response Services for Early Warning and Early Action”
• Video Conference, Typhoon Committee Secretariat, 29-30 November 2022