November 1970 (3rd Session of TC – Bangkok, Thailand)

On November 20, Dr. Roman L. Kintanar presented to the Committee a resolution the U.N. to mobilize science and technology to work out means of mitigating typhoon damage. The Committee endorsed the Resolution which went to the General Assembly and eventually resulted in the establishment of the WMO Tropical Cyclone Program.

1971 (relocation of Typhoon Committee Secretariat in Manila)

In 1971, upon invitation of the Philippines the ECAFE/WMO Joint Unit was reallocated in Manila and given a new name: Typhoon Committee Secretariat

November 1972
Cambodia (at that time designated as Khmer Republic) joined the Typhoon Committee in 1972.


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Malaysia joined the Typhoon Committee as its ninth Member in 1997.

Vietnam joined the Typhoon Committee as its tenth member in 1979.