Activity 1: Reviewing and synergizing the existing SOPs for coastal multi-hazard EWS and developing the Manual/Handbook of Synergized SOPs for Coastal Multi-Hazards EWS
(1) Conducting Workshop for collecting and exchanging the performance status of coastal multi-hazard EWS in in Bangkok Summary Report of the workshop on SSOP
8-9 May 2013
(2) Piloting in selected countries, focusing on institutional capacity building and extending where applicable downstream in CBRM approach Summary Report Three Pilot Workshops
(3) Synergizing the existing SOPs to compile a Manual/Handbook of Synergized Standard Operating Procedures for Coastal Multi-Hazards Early Warning Systems 1. SSOP Myanmar Consultant Final Report
2. SSOP Sri Lanka Consultant Final Report
3. SSOP Maldives Consultant Report
4. Mission Report Malaysia
5. Mission Report Cambodia
6. Mission Report Viet Nam
Activity 2: Conducting Training of users in the interpretation of EWS products for decision-making
(1) Conducting Training of users in the interpretation of EWS products for decision-making, media, etc SSOP Training Course In Nanjing
(2) Conducting working meeting on building a cooperation mechanism between TC and PTC for coastal multi-hazard EW information sharing and technical transferring for target countries Summary Report of Working Meeting on Cooperative Mechanism
Progress Report Terminal Report
SSOP Manual and its Quick Reference 1. SSOP Manual
2. Quick Reference of SSOP Manual
Evaluation SSOP Final Evaluation Report
Documents/Presentation Final Report on SSOP-I at TC 48th Session