In carrying out the duties specified in these Terms of Reference, the TC Secretary shall comply with any directives issued by the Typhoon Committee or guidance by the Chairperson of the Typhoon Committee. In addition to their duties under the Statute of the Typhoon Committee and Rules of Procedure of the Typhoon Committee, the Secretary shall:

1. Direct and supervise the tasks and duties of TCS.

2. Maintain and manage an adequate workforce in TCS for effective delivery of TCS output.

3. Promote participation of Members of TC in the implementation of programmes and activities.

4. Coordinate and link up with TC Chair, AWG, ESCAP, WMO, various key players and stakeholders within the Committee, as well as with collaborating partners and interested parties outside the Committee.

5. Liaise closely with the Governments of Members for effective organization of the session and attendance by high-level senior government officials.

6. Identify emerging issues, including severe typhoon events, and propose actions in consultation with Member(s) concerned and AWG, for timely attention by TC Chair.

7. Identify and liaise with potential sponsors for resource mobilization in support of TC initiatives.

8. In consultation with WMO, plan and manage the utilization of TCTF in support of TC programmes and activities.

9. In consultation with Members and AWG, plan and facilitate the nominations and selection of candidates for the annual presentation of Dr. Roman L. Kintanar Award for Typhoon-Related Disaster Mitigation.

10. Prepare and submit to the Session a report on actions and activities taken by TCS.