The Committee shall:

1. Serve as the assembly of all members and it is the supreme body of the TC;

2. Consider and approve its internal organization and regulations relating to its operation;

3. Elect Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the Committee.

4. Recommend to the participating Members plans and measures for improvements in minimizing typhoon damage.

5. Develop and approve the TC’s draft Annual Operating Plan, programmes, activities and TCTF budget for implementation in the subsequent one-year period.

6. Coordinate resource mobilization activities and technical support for its plans and programmes.

7. Prepare and submit, at the request and on behalf of the participating Members, request for technical, financial, and other assistance offered under the United Nations Development Programme and by other organizations and contributors.

8. Review regularly the progress made in the various fields of typhoon damage prevention.

9. Establish WGM, WGH, WGDRR, TRCG or other ad-hoc panels and approve Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons based on the proposals of the respective WGs/TRCG.

10. Establish AWG and appoint Chairperson and Vice Chairperson(s) taking into consideration recommendations from AWG and TC Chairperson.

11. Promote the establishment of programmes and facilities for training personnel from Members in typhoon forecasting and warning, hydrology and flood management within the region and arrange for training outside the region, as necessary.

12. Promote, prepare, and submit to participating Members and interested organizations plans for co-ordination of research programmes and activities concerning typhoons.

13. Determine the location of TCS and establish an agreement with the host Member.

14. Appoint the TC Secretary.

15. To promote international cooperation in the three components of Meteorology, Hydrology, and Disaster Risk Reduction. Training and Research are incorporated as part of each of these three.

16. Review and update the TC Strategic Plan.

17. Process and approve applications from potential candidates to become Members of TC.

In carrying out these functions, the Committee will ensure that alignment with relevant policies and strategies adopted by WMO are duly considered at all times.