The specific functions of the Secretariat shall be: 

1. To serve as the administrative, documentary, and information centre of the Typhoon Committee.

2. To implement the TC decisions and coordinate and monitor the implementation of the TC Annual Operating Plan.

3. To maintain close contact with the Members by correspondence to support Members on all matters relating to implementation of recommended programmes.

4. To assist the Members in the preparation of applications for technical, financial, and other assistance for typhoon damage mitigation as directed by the Typhoon Committee Session or the Advisory Working Group.

5. To organize and perform secretarial duties at Sessions of the Typhoon Committee, the meetings of the Advisory Working Group, and the meetings of the designated working groups and TRCG, as fund permitted.

6. To manage the operation and promote the use of the TC website.


7. To enhance visibility of the Typhoon Committee in cooperation with Members.

8. To prepare the annotated provisional agenda of the Annual Sessions in consultation with parties concerned.

9. To undertake surveys, complies statistics, and prepares various reports and technical notes for circulation to Members as directed by the Typhoon Committee Session, the Chairperson, or the Advisory Working Group.

10. To prepare and distribute official publications of the Typhoon Committee, including Newsletters and reports of the Sessions and other meetings.

11. To maintain records of the Members’ profiles.

12. To maintain files of correspondence of the Secretariat.

13. To establish and maintain a dialogue with the Government of the host Member of the Secretariat for compliance with the Agreement between the host and the Committee and, if necessary, establish talks aimed at the updating or renewal of the Agreement.