TC50: Old Friend’s Session


Old Friends List

1. Mr. WANG Bangzhong, from CMA, Chair of WGM from 2004 to 2009.

2. Mr. HIDETOMI Oi, Hydrologist in Typhoon Committee Secretariat 1977 to 1980

3. Dr. HONG, Il Pyo, Vice Chairperson of TC WGH from 2005 to 2010

4. Dr. Tiger LEE (Lee, Won Ho), former Chair

5. Dr. KIM, Ji Tae, former NDMI

6. Dr. Yuichi ONO, former ESCAP and UNISDR

7. Mr. LAM Chiu-ying (HK), former TRCG Chair

8. Mr. Edwin LAI (HK), former AWG Chair

9. Mr. Olavo RASQUINHO, former TC Secretary

10. Dr. LEE-Huu TI, former ESCAP

11. Mrs. Nanette Lomarda, WMO

12. Mr. Katsuhiro ABE, former Chief of WMO

13. Mrs. Elaine KOO, former Assistant Director HKO

14. Mr. Antonio VISEU, former Deputy Director of SMG

15. Dr. Leoncio A. AMADORE, former Director of PAGASA

16. Dr. Patipat PATVIVATSIRI, former Deputy Director General TMD

17. Mr. Edward FUKADA, former JWTC

18. Mr. NGUYEN Dai Khanh, former Director of Science, Technology and International Cooperation Department of NHMS Viet Nam