Technical Conference (TECO)



Session 1
Moving towards impact-based forecasts and risk-based warnings

Keynote Presentations

1. Managing Disaster Risk and Climate Extremes in Viet Nam to advance Climate Change Adaptation
by Prof. Tran Thuc, Viet Nam Panel on Climate Change, Viet Nam

2. Impact-based Forecast and Risk Warning Induced by Typhoon Gale and Torrential Rainfall
by Dr Wei Li, China Meteorological Administration, China

3. Planning of WMO Global Multi-hazard Alert System in relation to Tropical Cyclones
by Mr Y F Tong, Hong Kong Observatory, Hong Kong, China

Technical Presentations

1A-1 Benefit evaluation research in disaster prevention and reduction of tropical cyclone based on social investigation
by LYU Minghui, Public Meteorological Services Center, CMA

1A-2 Key techniques for Japan’s Risk-based Early Warning Services for Heavy-rain Related Disasters
by Jitsuko Hasegawa, JMA, Japan

1A-3 Study on typhoon Nesat and Haitang disaster risk in 2017 and its prevention benefit assessment
by YANG Lin, Fujian Climate Center, China

1A-4 Discussion of the benefits on drought condition and marine ecosystem after tropical cyclones: Case study in Vietnam
by Pham Thi Phuong Thao and others, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Viet Nam

1B-1 Verification of global and regional model forecasts for tropical cyclones affected Vietnam from 2012-2016
by Tien Duc Du and others, National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting, Viet Nam

1B-2 Object-based verification of NWP model performance regarding the wind structure of Super Typhoon Hato
by WONG Wai-kin, HKO, Hong Kong, China

1B-3 Scenario-based Urban Flood Forecast with Flood Inundation Map
by Kim, Jinhoon, Han River Flood Control Office, MOLIT, Republic of Korea

1B-4 Structure and evolution of Tropical Cyclone Cempaka (26 – 30 Nov 2017)
by Mia Khusnul Khotimah, BMKG, Indonesia

Session 2
Embracing new technologies and research findings

Keynote Presentations

4. Advanced Technology Developed in Tropical Cyclone Observation, Analysis and Forecast
by Mr. Yoshiaki Takeuchi, Japan Meteorological Agency, Japan

5. Advancing the State of the Art in Tropical Cyclone Modeling at NOAA’s National Weather Service National Center for Environmental Prediction (NWS/NCEP)
by Dr. Avichal Mehra, NOAA National Weather Service, USA

6. Horizontal Transition of Turbulent Cascade in the Near-surface Layer of Tropical Cyclones
by Dr TANG Jie, Shanghai Typhoon Institute, China

Technical Presentations

2A-1 Application of GIS and Big Data to Assess Typhoon Impacts
by TONG Yu-fai, HKO, Hong Kong, China

2A-2 Extratropical – tropical interaction during tropical cyclone genesis
by Hoang Phuc Lam and others, National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting, Viet Nam

2A-3 The influence of sea surface temperature on intensity and track of tropical cyclone over Vietnam East sea
by Nguyen Thi Thanh, Institute of Meteorology Hydrology and Climate Change, Viet Nam

2A-4 The after-runner storm surge along the north coast of Vietnam simulated by numerical model
by Nguyen Ba Thuy and others, National Center for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting, Viet Nam

2A-5 Development of Tropical Atmospheric Modeling System (TRAMS)
by CHEN Zitong, Guangzhou Institute of Tropical and Marine Meteorology, China

2A-6 Predicting the formation, development and movement of tropical cyclones in BIEN DONG Sea
by Nguyen Do Quynh Hoa and others, Hanoi University of Science, Viet Nam

2B-1 Analyze and assess the rapid change in the intensity of Hurricane Mujigae in 2015
by Le Dinh Quyet, Southern Regional Hydro-Meteorological Center, Viet Nam

2B-2 Forecast Performance and Study on RI process of Typhoons Rammasun (2014) and Hato (2017)
by WANG Qian, National Meteorological Center, China

2B-3 Satellite nowcasting and statistical-dynamical guidance on rapid intensification in the case of Super Typhoon Hato
by WONG Wai-kin, HKO, Hong Kong, China

2B-4 Progress on the Air-sea Interaction and Numerical Prediction of Marine Meteorology in SMB
by LI Yongping Shanghai Typhoon Institute, CMA, China

2B-5 Recent Improvement of TC Analysis based on Microwave Satellite data
by KIM, Okhee, National Meteorological Satellite Center, KMA, Republic of Korea

2B-6 On the presence of tropical vortices over the Southeast Asian Sea- Maritime Continent region
by Nguyen Dang Quang and others, National Center for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting, Viet Nam

Session 3
Facing the challenges arising from climate change and rising sea level

Keynote Presentations

7. A review of the environmental connection to 2015 typhoon intensity
by Dr Nam-young KANG, National Typhoon Center, Republic of Korea

8. High-resolution simulations and aircraft observations of typhoons for future typhoon disaster prevention
by Prof. Kazuhisa Tsuboki, Nagoya University, Japan

9. Climate change vulnerability assessment and natural disaster management in the tropical area for sustainable development: case study of Vietnam
by Prof. Mai Trong Nhuan, Vietnam National University Key Lab of Geo-environment and Climate change response, Viet Nam

Technical Presentations

3A-1 NASA Cloud, Aerosol and Monsoon Processes Philippines Experiement (CAMP2Ex)
by Ed Fukada, Naval Research Laboratory, USA

3A-2 The Characteristics of RSDs before and after the Landing Typhoon Meranti
by LIN Wen, Fujian Meteorological Science Institute, China

3A-3 Using Satellite Observation for Monitoring and Warning of Clouds Temperature related to Precipitation in Thailand
by Kamol P.N. Sakolnakhon, TMD, Thailand

3A-4 Precipitation Microphysics Characteristics of Typhoon Rainbands in Continental China
by ZHAO Kun, Nanjing University, China

3A-5 Development of Radar Composite Map in Typhoon Region
by Boonlert Archevarahuprok, TMD, Thailand

3A-6 Analysis of the Cyclonic Vortex and Evaluation of the Performance of the Radar Integrated Nowcasting System (RaINS) during the Heavy Rainfall Episode which Caused Flooding in Penang, Malaysia on 5 November 2017
By Diong Jeong Yik, Malaysian Meteorological Department, Malaysia

3B-1 Climate change in Vietnam: Observation and Projection
by Mai Van Khiem, Institute of Meteorology Hydrology and Climate Change, Vietnam

3B-2 Calculating design flood under the context of climate change – A case study in the south central and highland
by Ngo Le An, Thuyloi University, Viet Nam

3B-3 Climate Change Impact on Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves In Ho Chi Minh city
by Mai Van Khiem, Institute of Meteorology Hydrology and Climate Change, Viet Nam

3B-4 Present and risk of typhoons and storm surges in North Coast of Vietnam
by Hoang Duc Cuong, National Center for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting, Viet Nam

3B-5 Mechanisms and fiscal policy for raising management efficiency and use of financial resources in response to the impacts of climate change in Vietnam
by Ho Dinh Bao and others, NEU, Viet Nam

3B-6 A proposal for architecture framework of the national climate change database in Vietnam
by Nguyen Manh Luc, Department of Information Technology and Data for Natural Resources and Environment, Viet Nam

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