Activity 1: Conducting Training Course on SSOP for coastal multi-hazards EWS for DRR experts and warning experts from 10 beneficiary Countries (3 days in RTC, Nanjing)
SSOP –  II Training  SSOP – II Training Nanjing
Summary  SSOP – II Updates
Activity 2: Conducting national workshops in 3 target countries from TC and PTC regions on updating and improving existing SOPs by using the SSOP Manual (in conjunction with national Monsoon Forums supported by RIMES in the the selected countries).
Country One (TBD)
Country Two (TBD)
Country Three (TBD)
Country Four (TBD)
Activity 3: TC/PTC exchanges through attachment trainings delivered by the RSMCs in Tokyo and New Delhi”
Attachment training in RSMC Tokyo  Attachment Training Report
Attachment training in RSMC New Delhi  (on-going)
Progress Report Terminal Report
Evaluation SSOP Final Evaluation Report
Documents/Presentation SSOP-II Presentation at 50th Session
SSOP-II Presentation at 51st Session