WGDRR Educational Videos


To raise public awareness on typhoon-related hazards in TC region. TC Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction initiated producing some short videos with Enghlish subtitle and voiceover in order to share with TC Member for using on public eduation on typhoon disaster. This year, WGDRR continued the video project (AOP6 in 2020) and the video title is “Typhoon edging closer. Are you ready”. The video was provided by Hong Kong Observatory (HKO).

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In order to raise public awareness on typhoon related disaster in TC region, Typhoon Committee Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction (WGDRR) produced a video. TC members can download the video to use as public education. (AOP 10, 2019)

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The video produced by Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction (WGDRR) is aimed at promoting DRR education (WGDRR AOP11 in 2018), TC Members could download the video for the education purpose.

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